Games Systems & Relationships

18 Feb

Ode to the male gamers in relationships.

Granted reaching the highest score, levels, and skill on game seems somewhat gratifying. Game systems like X Box, PlayStation, or the Wii and even those handheld things like PSP.

Or back then when Gameboys, Gameboy Advance and so much more that I can not  even reference back in my mind because I am not the biggest gamer but I do find it fun. According to statistics from Polygon, “42 percent of Americans play for at least three hours per week. Four out of five American households contain a device used to play video games”.


Whatever fits your nitch, lets remember it is literally just a high tech virtual reality and neglecting those around you will effect your relationships whether its with your girlfriend or even family.

Think about this your girlfriend comes over and she has the expectation to spend time with you. Yet you jump on the game system, login, set yourself up, headset on to hear your boys. Is that fair? Was that communicated? Did you offer to teach her or let her be part to be able to jump in on the game? Or is that high score super important?

Of course if she not into, why do it while she is there? She may need to talk to you, maybe just your embrace is needed but you be missing your moment to be mentally intimate with that person. Especially, when they may need you most.

Personally, I do not mind it since I love and rather be writing, reading, or doing research on a new topic. If he is on the game, I just pick on him, butt in his conversation he has on the headset with his “team”. Sometimes, his presence is enough which makes our silence a conversation and it does not cause conflict. While he is hype on his game I am there writing away. Like if we are on Skype, he gives me a few glances, blows a few kisses that just makes my day. Makes me know I have his attention even while he is doing what he likes to do.

Ladies reading this, being secure in yourself is important. If you dislike being on the phone or in person while he is playing the game. Let him know you dislike it. Period. Don’t allow yourself to frustrate yourself when you both must come to a mutual agreement. Maybe you will make him realize that he prefer to pay you more mind than some temporary game. You may teach him what to make priority. Even probably agree on a time to speak, the element to every relationship is communication and compromise.

If we continue to seek issues without solutions then what is the point of relationships. Might as well save yourself the task especially if you don’t love the person or think there is potential, just stay single.

Gamer or not there will always be something you will dislike from your significant other.




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