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Games Systems & Relationships

18 Feb

Ode to the male gamers in relationships.

Granted reaching the highest score, levels, and skill on game seems somewhat gratifying. Game systems like X Box, PlayStation, or the Wii and even those handheld things like PSP.

Or back then when Gameboys, Gameboy Advance and so much more that I can not  even reference back in my mind because I am not the biggest gamer but I do find it fun. According to statistics from Polygon, “42 percent of Americans play for at least three hours per week. Four out of five American households contain a device used to play video games”.


Whatever fits your nitch, lets remember it is literally just a high tech virtual reality and neglecting those around you will effect your relationships whether its with your girlfriend or even family.

Think about this your girlfriend comes over and she has the expectation to spend time with you. Yet you jump on the game system, login, set yourself up, headset on to hear your boys. Is that fair? Was that communicated? Did you offer to teach her or let her be part to be able to jump in on the game? Or is that high score super important?

Of course if she not into, why do it while she is there? She may need to talk to you, maybe just your embrace is needed but you be missing your moment to be mentally intimate with that person. Especially, when they may need you most.

Personally, I do not mind it since I love and rather be writing, reading, or doing research on a new topic. If he is on the game, I just pick on him, butt in his conversation he has on the headset with his “team”. Sometimes, his presence is enough which makes our silence a conversation and it does not cause conflict. While he is hype on his game I am there writing away. Like if we are on Skype, he gives me a few glances, blows a few kisses that just makes my day. Makes me know I have his attention even while he is doing what he likes to do.

Ladies reading this, being secure in yourself is important. If you dislike being on the phone or in person while he is playing the game. Let him know you dislike it. Period. Don’t allow yourself to frustrate yourself when you both must come to a mutual agreement. Maybe you will make him realize that he prefer to pay you more mind than some temporary game. You may teach him what to make priority. Even probably agree on a time to speak, the element to every relationship is communication and compromise.

If we continue to seek issues without solutions then what is the point of relationships. Might as well save yourself the task especially if you don’t love the person or think there is potential, just stay single.

Gamer or not there will always be something you will dislike from your significant other.




President’s Day: Voice from the 90s

17 Feb

President’s Day is a day we all end up having a day free of the office and school. Some may start an array of home spring cleaning. Maybe catch a movie with a significant other or even go shopping with family to get that 40 to 80 percent off sale. Generally, what is President’s Day? Is it a way to market? Or a way to spend time with family? day of rest?

Research indicates, this a way for the United States of America to pay tribute to our forefathers and those who lead & served this country called the U.S of A. Based on, it states, “The story of Presidents’ Day date begins in the 1800. Following President George Washington’s death in 1799, his February 22 birthday became a perennial day of remembrance. At the time, Washington was venerated as the most important figure in American history, and events like the 1832 centennial of his birth and the start of construction of the Washington Monument in 1848 were cause for national celebration”.

As a young blood, coming from this generation that has surpassed all odds and a generation that has broken many traditions. Although, not of age to vote during the election for our current president. Our generation was able to support our President or protest against him, but that is the beauty of America is democracy. Some may disagree, but overall you cannot deny the freedom and the luxury we Americans have obtained. We have food supply, technology, transportation, military, law enforcement in every state (whether we dislike it or not), welfare, hospitals, shelters, social workers, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, and most importantly education & opportunity. Obviously, this country has so much more that what was listed, America is beautiful with flaws. Evident flaws. But what land is perfect? No land. But close to it my land, America the beautiful. Not a fact just a opinion. Which is everyone’s right here in this country.

Lets look at the Obama Presidential Family, they have made an impact in every community. From the East, West, North, and South. Not just nationally but internationally. Of course, Americas views and laws are different from others but America leaves a mark because of their leadership and those who reside in the U.S.A.

Obama, himself (although I truly believe the love and support of his family made him a strong president) has made an impact on the minds of Americans, the lifestyle, and  the laws within this country. Many Americans may debate Obama was either a pawn or a dictator,  (I don’t believe that but some may say this) but personally I need evidence of that. I would rather say that he was a  president who kept his word about bringing change. No politician or in this case president will bring all their promise to 100 percent but most likely they do their best.

If we do thorough research we will find that there were many things society disagree or agree with our Commander in Chief. Regardless, that comes within leadership those maybe with you or oppose you yet the job of leadership must continue. It does not matter if there is those who oppose you, if you have conviction and believe its best option.

Whether there is a conspiracy or not that should not take precedent to the issues in our country.


Now  President’s Day has not believe taken as seriously in urban communities, the youth, and the majority of society. Writing only from experience from the time as a child you would see the news give a brief on President’s Day, children channels give educational shorts on the topic, or in the classroom being given  assignments or worksheets about the U.S.A

In a nutshell, let’s go over the few presidents we hear about but we forget what they actually did for this country.  Lincoln was known as a wise old soul and his voice was heard. He was an ambitious man, who ran twice for presidency and won the second time. Even though he failed to win the first that did not impede him from running again. One marvelous detail about him is that he wanted to abolish slavery. He was not received well but those in the South but like all presidents he had to deal with the opposition. Sadly, he was assassinated but he was apart of the start of change in America. Many scholars believe that if Lincoln was not assassinated then there probably would not have been a Martin Luther King or Malcolm X movement. Honestly, the world may never know.

Another president, Bush was elected (some say it was fix, I don’t listen to rumors) and though as a president many did not agree with his position on the war against terrorism. He had to take the hard decision of defending a country that was under attack and still is even though it is contain and away from the public. New York city and Pentagon was opened to the public and it hurt and killed many people. It was a difficult time for the U.S and I could imagine it was probably difficult for the White House. I always wondered of the factor that each president had to deal with someone opposing you or even an entire country because you believe your decision it was best.

Thomas Jefferson was another president who created the Declaration of Independence having John Adams write it in 17 days. Thomas Jefferson was also the first Secretary of State and fun fact the slaves he free was the children he had with his slave girl. Thomas Jefferson was known as brilliant and founded the University of Virginia.

Well not much of a nutshell but seriously lets acknowledge the president if we are going to have a day about it.

That’s all for now!



Desicions Desicions

27 Oct

Back to the drawing board…ready to write again…create again…begin again…

Its about time. I have been really in the mood to just write on any topic and flow. Tell me what you would like to read about…talk about…learn about…I love expanding my mind while I am expanding yours. Writing 1