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Bond, Tied, and Chained

2 Jan

Every time I see your face, I see the reflection of pain
More beyond your eyes, I see the fact that you are dying inside
And you never fail to show how pained you are
How scared you are
How far you are…from the world

You tell me you lost that little boy inside
But I can see the innocence in the tinted fragments of your iris
No matter how much you try to deny it
The little boy holds on to your soft tender heart
Trying to reach within your soul

As I walk with you through your hardest times of your life
I see the ties of anger, the bonds of anguish, the chains of unforgiveness
Which does not match your passionate kisses
You tell me I am your breath of fresh air
The love that we encapsulated between us, nothing else can compare
What we have does not replicate your pain
It does not reflect your moments when you are alone
Standing in the rain

Even with your shackles, I will set you free
I will steal the key and release you from everything
You are my everything
From the beginning I accepted your pain
Bathe myself in your anguish
Letting your anger be release to me because I love you
Not caring of any outsider, thinking me for a fool

You may be bond, tied, and chained
From the things in your past that cause you pain
But YOU are not your past
You are the future
You are the one who will set the captive free
You are inspiration
You are aspiration
You are a story to tell
You are a historical event that will be recorded in my heart
Embellished in my mind
You are joy
You are happiness
You are greatness
You are a champion


The Looking Glass

31 Dec


Saw a vision of myself today

Took a look into the looking glass 

I saw someone who learned from her past

With the glistening gray hair, every strand representing each moment of her life

Who has raised to the top of her class

She spoke to me saying “you can make it

The drive within you no one can able to replicate it

There is a beauty that shines through you more brighter than diamonds”

The words, the language the comes out of your mouth is more than what they imagine

She said, “One self cannot ever finish finding ones self 

Everyday is a day of encounters and gaining of knowledge”

The woman in the looking glass was strong, independent, and confident

Yet loving, open, honest, bold, and determined

She said, “Never listen to narrow minded people that will surround you

They cannot comprehend the things you do

It will only be a few that will stand by you

Hold ties to your blood

They will be there during the flood 

You will see yourself trusting in ones self and God alone

For your character will be built and your children’s children will adopt your ways 

For you have released the lion from its cage 

Just for a moment 

She caressed my cheek and embraced me 

For one day I will be that woman in the looking glass


Make a Visit to the American Folk Art Museum

30 Dec

Child's Blanket


Entering the museum it was so inviting pretty much if it is a rainy day with a bit of ice falling from the sky the warmth tends to relax you. There is a suggested $5 donation or whatever you can afford to help them continue to share American Folk Art. On the the walls of the entrance there was a quilt that is a tribute to 9/11 and the aircrafts that crash during New York’s hardest time. Although, it is just one floor it is enough to grasp the concept with its many foil art paintings and sculptures. One thing I did notice the photographs within the paintings reminded me of the photographs you would see in a horror film when the characters find old photographs in a box inside a haunted house. On another note before I instill fear into some hearts, there many historical figures such as Lincoln, George Washington and many more….

Finally, before leaving we made a stop the gift shop with many little trinkets, toys, hats, jewelry, a cheeseboard, and some JouJou doll that I wasn’t so crazy about, it spooked me out. I do recommend buying a little memory or grab a pamphlet just to have as a reminder you have been there. I tend to keep a journal (would it be childish to call it a diary?) To keep record of the people, places I visited, and moments within my life. it is just so you can be able to look back at what you did a week, a month, or year ago.

All in all this place is basic upon appearance but never judge a book by its cover.

That is all for now……

Here is the address:

2 Lincoln Square
(Columbus Ave. At 66th Street)
New York, NY 10023